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Mudbrix provides a cost-effective way using specially designed software to explore the performance of products or processes in a virtual environment. This type of product development is termed virtual prototyping. With virtual prototyping techniques, engineers, architects and designers can iterate various scenarios on the computer to optimize a building long before the actual construction begins.

This enables a reduction in the level of risk, and in the cost of ineffective designs and poor construction methods. The multifaceted nature of our custom designed software also provides a means to ensure that engineers are able to calculate and visualise the structural effect of materials and components used in the design process.

Our in house software engineers can analyse and visualise structural, thermal, wind loading and earthquake effects on any building anywhere in the world. It is possible to tell how long components will last and the effect of climatic and geographical conditions on your building before construction.

Simulation and F.E. Analysis

Mudbrix offers a comprehensive range of computer-aided engineering analysis services (CAE). This includes FEA, FEM and CFD, materials testing and evaluation.

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