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Design Consultation

We interact with our clients through web based video conferencing to discuss design issues and ideas, additions or remodeling. This meeting may include your builder or contractor. This video conference meeting includes a written and archived summary of the discussion and design recommendations. A nominal fee is charged for this service.


A design proposal may be provided as a result of the design consultation or upon request after an initial discussion of the project. This is a fixed-price quote based on the specific design

requirements and features. The proposal outlines the stages of the design process from concept to final plans, what will be provided at each stage, the payment schedule, and terms of the contract.

Conceptual Design

Every custom design starts with the creation of a computer model. This is a virtual 3D representation of the design concept that is the starting point for the production of construction drawings. The interaction of adjacent spaces, the connection with outdoor living areas, and floor to floor relationships are clearly shown via a virtual tour, and conveyed through floor plans, elevations, and images. Real-time revisions can be made as the model is presented and reviewed.

CAD Drawings

Once the concept is worked and refined to reflect the client's requirements, drawings are developed. Structural engineering, building code, architectural design standards, and common construction techniques guide the translation of the concept to working drawings. The dynamic 3D model becomes the source for detailed floor plans, elevations, foundation and roof plans, framing plans, building sections, and details. These oversized documents provide the information concerning construction and materials needed by contractors, building officials, lenders, and suppliers.

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