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About Us

Mudbrix promotes 'responsible architecture' and adopts an integrated approach to all our projects, adopting three key principles to the core of everything we do:
  • Online Seminars and Training to raise awareness and showcasing a wide range of modern construction equipment that suits the African environment, locally sourced construction materials and home decor products.
  • Integrating Passive Solar Design Concepts in the planning of all our projects. Passive Solar design concepts promotes the use of energy in an efficent way to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Promoting the use of sustainable locally-sourced construction materials such as hydraulically pressed clay blocks, which have a high thermal resistance.

The focus of Mudbrix is to introduce innovative integration of locally-sourced building materials along with passive solar technologies into the West African built environment. Most floorplans advertised on our website can be modified by our team of experienced architects and structural engineers to be built with more than 60% quantity of durable locally-sourced construction materials, and yet maintain its strength and beauty.

At Mudbrix, we believe in integrating unique architectural designs with scientifically proven sustainable and affordable home building concepts. Our eye for beauty reflects in the choice of houseplans we advertise on our website.   

Our Mission

"To achieve client satisfaction by providing high quality construction which are sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and affordable". Our main objectives are to introduce modern methods of sustainable affordable buildings across West Africa and beyond.

Mudbrix has affiliations with a host of European and American companies who offer us amazing products that we sell through our website. We also have working partnerships with experienced architects and engineers to meet the requirements of our customers who wish to undertake construction projects in West Africa.

Consistency in meeting deadlines, quality, and accuracy is the secret of our success. In computer aided drafting services and in converting all types of source drawings into CAD, we ensure high standard of your finished product. Our entire design team have enormous experience in CAD drafting and 3D Modeling to turn your design ideas into reality. 

We sell our own floorplans and others from renowned architects which can be customized to meet our clients needs. We also provide a unique set of services and resources in terms of our network, and technology expertise to cater for all your Computer Aided Drafting and Design requirements.
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