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4D BIM Modeling - Building Information Modeling Services

We offer 4D Building Information Modeling (BIM) services to building operators and real estate developers. We create highly accurate 3D BIM models to pull out critical information like material quantity, interference between building components, area charts and cost estimation with added fourth element of time (aka 4D Modeling).

4D modeling offers following benefits over 3D modeling:

  • Improved Time Scheduling:4D model enables a project team to easily visualize time constraints and opportunities of improvement in the project schedule, as well as recognizing where the major challenges will come in their way.
  • Optimum use of critical resources:4D model allows the team member to more easily understand the scope of work and access to various resources over a period of time. This allows the member to visually review and evaluate whole construction plans and optimize the resources and labour accordingly.
  • Improved Communication:During construction phase, potential spatial conflicts may arise between building components. These conflicts are very hard to identify when co-ordination is performed using 2D or 3D layouts. The use of 4D modeling greatly enhances this co-ordination process. In addition, the overall communication of project scope and sequencing is greatly improved.

A 4D Model provides graphically rich and animated illustration of construction sequence against time. Also, once a 3-D model is prepared, the 4-D model can be generated relatively cheaply giving you additional benefits from the investment made in producing the 3-D model. 4D modeling has found its use not only for residential projects but also for commercial buildings like theatres, museums, hospitals and technology parks.

Our BIM 4D Modeling Services include:

  • Virtual 3D Modeling
  • Extraction of Building Information
  • Interference Checks and Risk Alleviation
  • Creation of Intelligent Libraries
  • Generation of Construction Documents
We offer custom tailored 3D-4D BIM Models using leading software technologies such as Revit Architecture, Revit Structures, Revit MEP, Tekla and Archicad.
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