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Affordable Building Techniques For All Climates

Modern construction and designing is not only about how beautiful a house looks, but also about minimizing cost, conserving and maximizing the available local and natural energy sources. With more and more individuals getting environmentally conscious about how modern technology would be used to conserve not just energy sources but also the money in their pocket, designing homes with local materials is of paramount importance. Mudbrix intends to integrate clay brick construction with other modern methods of construction such as steel frame and modular construction. 

A significant percentage of our clients are based in Western Europe, the US and Canada. Our local partners immense experience in managing projects funded by Africans and Caribbeans in the Diaspora has driven our company to design a construction model that will ensure the efficient construction of your housing project anywhere in Africa, South America and the Caribbean.  

The first step is buying a legitimate piece of land and filling a form on our website. Our architects will communicate with you to draw an ideal house plan based on the information given on the form. A financial arrangement will be negotiated with you to submit your final house plan to your local council for approval. This will be done through our local partner architect in your home country.

At the end of your phase one engagement with us, you will have your approved house plan ready to be built.

Our local partner civil engineer will then email you a comprehensive Bill of Quantities that will detail the quantities and costs of material and labour for the construction of the various stages of your house according to your choice of construction material. Clients who opt for DRM's steel framed concept do not need the services of a local architect or contractor because DRM provides the service inclusive. However, clients who wish to renovate existing buildings with other materials will need the services of our local partners. After being served with estimates of the cost of your project, our local architect partner shall introduce you to a reliable local contractor who will visit your site and email you a labour quotation. DRM will also offer this service with their steel construction methods. Mudbrix agreement with DRM offers our clients reasonable discounts on their construction projects.

You may at your own discretion engage a building contractor of your choice. We have negotiated with our local partners to offer significantly reduced costs to our clients due to the volume of projects we offer them. We suggest you have your Zimbabwean, West African or Caribbean based relative or friend to monitor the quantities of material delivered. This individual can either be based on the construction site or can visit as and when deliveries are made. 

Using modern technology to our clients advantage, we advise to create a WhatsApp group made up of the contractor, client, their locally assigned project monitor and our affiliate local architect. This WhatsApp group will serve as an information hub where all issues discussed will be available for all to see. A WhatsApp group makes it possible to discuss construction progress or issues with procurement and delivery of materials in real time. Most importantly, transfer of project funds can be discussed transparently with all who are involved in the project.

Our local partners will be obliged to post clients a daily progress report and photos on the WhatsApp group and will answer any questions related to your project that may be raised by a member of the group. In the daily report, our affiliated partner will highlight quantity of materials used and inform the client regarding subsequent deliveries. This information will enable the client plan and prepare in advance. The progress report shall include current photos of the building project to enable our clients have a visual interpretation of what is happening on the ground.

Procuring construction materials can be done in one of three ways; the client may contract the contractor on a fix and supply basis and can transfer funds to purchase materials on a stage by stage basis with the project monitor verifying the quantities. Alternatively, client sends money to an assigned project monitor who will in agreement with the local contractor, procure the materials to be used for a phase of the project. Clients may use their own fixtures and fittings. On clients request, the local contractor can suggest reputable suppliers, provide client with invoices for the procurement of locally available construction materials, all under the watchful eye of clients assigned project monitor.

Whether you are sending money directly to the contractor or through your project monitor, trust is of essential importance. Without trust, no business relationship can survive and your project will stall.

Before transferring funds for the various stages of your construction project to be executed, our affiliated contractors will send you photos of the preceding completed stage signed by a Council Inspector certifying that the stage has been built to the satisfaction of Council By-Laws. Our affiliates have extensive experience in building houses that suit the needs of those in the Diaspora and will execute your construction plan exactly as you want it.

Most floorplans offered for sale on our website can be customized using alternative building materials to suit our customers needs. Our values are reflected in the various services that we offer our customers and the products that we sell or recommend on our website. 

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